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What is The Meaning of Golf?

it's a golf book

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The Meaning of Golf's 18 chapters are a series of short studies and journeys, interviews too with incongruously interesting golfers, from the greatest players, teachers and course architects, to other less famous - but no less brilliant - aficionados of the game. The game's major tournaments are considered and celebrated as well.

Buy The Meaning of Golf in paperback or else as an ebook. The Meaning of Golf is available from Amazon in the US. And The Meaning of Golf is available from Amazon in the UK (and, indeed, in many other territories).

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Golf, like life, is a journey or a series of small trips. So the book’s laid out in the same way. Additionally, the chapters are paced, in order and length, as the holes are on the Old Course in St Andrews, Scotland. And there are acrostics to be discovered in this book, revealing, perhaps, what the title promises.

Taking a sideways look at golfers from President Trump to Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods and Old Tom Morris, and ranging across the US, the British Isles and far beyond, this book goes no small way towards discovering the essence of the game, what makes it so attractive and so addictive to those who play it.

It's not schmaltzy or saccharine, but it is thoughtful and wise. There are no tired golfing anecdotes here, but it contains a fresh stream of great stories. When it's raining hard and there's nothing good on The Golf Channel you're sure to enjoy it!

Golf Monthly Magazine calls The Meaning of Golf "tremendous", saying it is a "funny, observant and insightful book that all those who have an interest in this great sport will thoroughly enjoy."

Me - the author, that is - I say this: golf is the king of games, never to be comprehended, never to be mastered, its meaning forever hidden. And yet I wrote this little book called The Meaning of Golf which has taken off more than I could ever have imagined. I didn't dare try to write up what I believe its meaning to be. Nor did I ever arrive at any such understanding. I simply wrote around it, wrote about golf experiences.

Also, here’s a sample of the nice things customers have had to say over on Amazon.

“I haven't read such an enchanting and life affirming treatise on the subject since John Updike's Golf Dreams.

“The final two chapters are the best things I have read in a golf book.”

“A fantastic read......this is most definitely the best golf book there is - exceptional style that kept me engrossed - truly interesting characters scattered throughout an extremely knowledgeable tour around the world of golf.”

Unconventional. But excellent. Distinctive voice. Different to almost all golf books. Something interesting every page. Would recommend.

“A fine piece of golf writing, in fact a fine piece of writing full stop. The author's confident, considered prose flies from tee to fairway to rough to green, as so many of us do, but the ball always ends up in the back of the cup. He gives expression to many of the intangible delights and maddening frustrations of this game. The experience of reading the book is akin to playing a round with a great conversationalist, and you leave the course enriched and inspired. Cracking stuff.

So, please shoot on over to Amazon and buy The Meaning of Golf, a great golf book, a great golf gift.